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New 50/50 lottery to support local hospital

Three women hold up a giant blank cheque with the 50/50 Logo and the words Win Big, Save Lives on it.

On June 5, 2023 the Georgian Bay General Hospital (GBGH) Foundation officially launched its first-ever monthly lottery, called the GBGH 50/50, to support the hospital’s most urgent priorities.

This year, GBGH has identified more than $2.4-million in capital equipment investments, upgrades and replacements that are required, plus $4-million for the MRI, all of which will be funded through the GBGH Foundation.

“Our hospital is aging, and the team has been doing an amazing job to provide excellent care despite aging equipment and technology,” shares Nicole Kraftscik, CEO, GBGH Foundation. “When we fund new equipment, we see the difference it makes for the team and the patients. This year’s investment will impact almost every department of the hospital, and includes items like exam lights, stretchers, ultrasound & x-ray machines, surgical tables, and the MRI.”

The GBGH 50/50 will provide a sustainable income stream to invest in these important capital projects, while giving individuals in the community a chance to win.

“The lottery tagline is Win Big. Save Lives and it’s a great way for our community to come together,” says Kraftscik. “We have been receiving requests for this for many months now, from community members who want to support their local hospital, and have the chance to win a cash jackpot.”

The first grand prize draw will take place on June 29, with early bird draws of $500 and $1,000 on June 15 and 21 respectively. Tickets can be purchased at

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