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North Simcoe municipalities make financial commitment to patient care at GBGH

2019 Tay Township Cheque Presentation

For the last ten years, municipalities in North Simcoe have been generous supporters of Georgian Bay General Hospital (GBGH). Collectively, they have contributed $875,000 to renovate the Emergency Department, bring a new CT scanner to the hospital and help to purchase other essential equipment for patient care.

In 2019, Tay Township, the Township of Tiny and the Town of Penetanguishene enthusiastically continued their long-standing support for the hospital.

“Tay Township is pleased to continue our commitment to Georgian Bay General Hospital,” says Ted Walker, mayor, Tay Township. “Our investment in local healthcare supports the outstanding patient care and services that benefit our community today and for many years to come.”

This year, the Township of Georgian Bay has also made a commitment to GBGH, stepping up to help the hospital which serves its 2,500 permanent and more than 15,000 seasonal residents.

Georgian Bay Township Council 2019-2022

“We greatly appreciate the emergency services that GBGH provides to our residents, as well as the day to day services that allow our residents to access care closer to home, be it seasonal or permanent,” says Peter Koetsier, mayor, Township of Georgian Bay.

Each municipality has directed their generous gifts to support the most critical needs, which enables the hospital to respond to urgent priorities.

“Medical equipment has a lifespan of only 7 to 10 years, and much like our cars, there are times when we can’t predict a breakdown,” says Gail Hunt, president and CEO, GBGH.  “By contributing to the general equipment fund, our municipalities are ensuring we have the freedom to direct money toward our most urgent equipment requirements when we need them the most.”

Tay Township made a $25,000 gift in June – the first installment of their $100,000 pledge to the hospital.  The Township of Tiny supported the hospital with $20,000 in February, and donated $5,000 from the proceeds of the Tiny Mayor’s Golf Tournament in September.  The Township of Georgian Bay approved $2,333 for the hospital in November.  The Town of Penetanguishene provided $10,000 in January, and has recently approved another $10,000 for the next fiscal budget.

Town of Penetanguishene Cheque Presentation Sept 2019

“On behalf of the Council of the Town of Penetanguishene, we are proud to support the hospital by helping provide modern, effective tools and technology so that the physicians and staff can continue to provide exceptional healthcare services to our residents,” says Doug Leroux, mayor, Penetanguishene.  “We appreciate their efforts in all that they do for our community.”

This year, the most critical needs include 100 new Smart IV Infusion Pumps, a new Ultrasound, Telemetry Packs and staff education for specialties such as Wound Care and Gentle Persuasive Approach, used when working with seniors with dementia.

“Currently, our hospital requires more than $7 million in capital equipment upgrades,” says Nicole Kraftscik, executive director of the GBGH Foundation. “We are so grateful for the support the Town of Penetanguishene, and the Townships of Tay and Tiny have provided to help us address this long list of needs at GBGH.”

The local hospital cared for more than 50,000 patients last year, and 90% of those patients have a permanent address within the boundaries of Midland, Penetanguishene, and the townships of Tay, Tiny and Georgian Bay.

Tiny Mayor's Golf Tournament Cheque Presentation

“The Georgian Bay General Hospital (GBGH) is a leader in the provision of health care services and continues to be an integral part of our North Simcoe community,” says George Cornell, mayor, Township of Tiny. “The Township of Tiny is fortunate to have a strong hospital to serve our residents and is proud to support the hospital through the GBGH Foundation for another year.”

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