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Foundation News

Penetanguishene Lions Club takes on Buttertart Festival for GBGH

Thank you to the Penetanguishene Lions Club for their amazing generosity!

117 hours of baking buttertarts results in a great donation to the Georgian Bay General Hospital MRI Fund.

During the 2024 Butter Tart Festival, the Penetanguishene Lions Club sold 255 x 1/2 dozen trays of tarts in 6 different flavours, and donated 100%+ of the profits to the GBGH Foundation. The club raised an incredible $1,928 on June 8th, and rounded their generous donation to $2,000.

From left: Robyn Blanchet, Community Giving Officer, GBGH Foundation; Randy Hargrave, Kathy Brown, Karen Ryan, Toni Juneau, Nancy Hargrave, Margaret Leonardo, & John Leonardo, Penetanguishene Lions Club members; Victoria Evans, Key Relationships Officer, GBGH Foundation.

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