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Invest in MRI Technology at GBGH!

“My wife knew something wasn’t right when I asked her to drive.”

You might say she had a gut feeling.

You see, we were heading to Collingwood to spend the weekend with friends, and I sat in the passenger seat. Very unusual for me.

All weekend, I felt off. I barely ate anything. But I was getting more and more bloated.

Then, on Monday morning, when I still wasn’t feeling any better, my wife insisted I go to the ED at Georgian Bay General Hospital (GBGH). 

It turns out I needed emergency life-saving surgery. I had three bulges – called diverticula – on my small intestine, one of which had burst. 

As you can imagine, it could have led to serious complications – it could have even been fatal. But thankfully, GBGH was there for me.

And that’s why I’m sharing my story with you – to tell you about the exceptional care I received and ask you to join me in supporting Georgian Bay General Hospital, so more patients can get life-saving care right here at home. 

In my case, quick diagnosis was crucial. Thanks to donor gifts, GBGH has a CT machine, which played a key role in my recovery.

My name is Terry Day. I’m a retired IT professional. My wife and I raised our family in Newmarket, then lived in Nova Scotia and Alberta before coming to Midland. 

We feel so lucky to have such a high standard of medical care right here in our community. 

But many crucial medical technologies are not currently available at our hospital – an MRI, for example.

Georgian Bay General Hospital does not have a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine. That means every year, nearly 4,000 patients need to travel more than 40km away to Barrie or Orillia to get an MRI. I know. Because I’m one of those patients.

And chances are folks in our area are waiting longer than the provincial average to get an MRI, too. 

We need to stop the wait.

Will you consider making a gift today to help bring care closer to home for thousands of patients who are waiting for an MRI?

Time is of the essence when you’re dealing with serious medical conditions. You want to be sure you can get the best care as quickly as possible. So, I think you can agree that we need an MRI at our hospital immediately.

You may not realize that government funding doesn’t pay for equipment like MRIs. Patients and their loved ones rely on kind community members like you to help fill these crucial medical needs.

Without your generosity, many of our hospital’s significant needs will go unmet. And, for many patients, that means more worry, more pain, and potentially more disease.

GBGH’s leading-edge care gave me more time to love my family, travel, and give back to my community. My wife and I became donors to ensure it’ll be there for you, too.

Will you join us in supporting your local healthcare teams and help bring critical equipment like an MRI to our community?

May you have a healthy and restful summer. Thank you for sharing your kindness with others.

Yours, with gratitude,

Terence (Terry) Day
Grateful Patient & Donor to the Georgian Bay General Hospital Foundation

Man standing in front of his house.

YES! I want to bring state-of-the-art MRI technology to GBGH so more patients can get care faster and closer to home.

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