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Staff at GBGH pledge $22,000 for equipment & education at the hospital

Staff Giving Week at GBGH_media

The Georgian Bay General Hospital (GBGH) Foundation recently held its first annual Staff Giving Celebration Week to recognize staff who donate to the hospital and encourage new donations. The celebration resulted in more than $22,000 in financial pledges from more than 85 staff members at the hospital.  The pledges are part of the GBGH Foundation’s Staff Giving Circle, which offers the opportunity to make bi-weekly or annual donations to support the hospital’s capital equipment and continuing education needs.

“There are many people – including some staff – who aren’t aware the government does not fund all the equipment used in hospitals,” says Nicole Kraftscik, executive director, GBGH Foundation. “This celebratory week allowed us to encourage conversations around the importance of community support to the hospital. This includes donations from within our hospital community, which are vital to the care we provide at GBGH and the sustainability of our hospital.”

Thanks to the generosity of two local realtors – Jim Hawke (Team Hawke Realty) and William Myles (Georgian Bay Live) – the GBGH team was also treated to lunch and breakfast during the week, as well as daily prizes.

“We are very fortunate at GBGH to have a generous community who want to give back – not only to our hospital, but to our exceptional team as well,” says Gail Hunt, president and CEO, GBGH.  “It was also a great opportunity for our team to see how generous businesses support the hospital in ways other than just financial donations. It certainly helped bring our people together throughout the week to learn how they can also contribute to their hospital.”

Members of GBGH’s Staff Giving Circle, which includes 100 per cent of the hospital’s senior leadership team, can direct their donations to funding equipment purchases, education or the area of greatest need for the hospital.  The third option provides the hospital with the flexibility to respond to urgent capital needs, such as when a critical piece of equipment suddenly breaks down.

“I am glad to be able to contribute toward the purchase of equipment for our hospital,” says Jolanda Winlove-Smith, a sonographer at GBGH.  “We are desperately in need of a new ultrasound, as our oldest unit is 14 years old. The cost will range from $220,000 – $290,000, and I’m proud to support this purchase along with my community. Having new equipment is not only important for quality, it also helps us attract and retain staff who want to work in a hospital with the best tools to provide patient care.”

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