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GBGH Team Giving Circle

The words GBGH Team Giving Circle with a blue hand in a circle holding a red heart

The GBGH Team Giving Circle is a year-round charitable giving program supported by a community of dedicated Georgian Bay General Hospital staff, credentialed staff, and volunteers.

Every day, hundreds of people depend on Georgian Bay General Hospital for care.  Together, we strive to make a difference by giving back to the programs, people, and services at our hospital, and in our community.

Donations made through the GBGH Team Giving Circle fund the critical equipment and infrastructure that we need to provide excellent care to our patients at Georgian Bay General Hospital.

As a member of the GBGH Team Giving Circle, you receive:

  • Recognition on the GBGH Team Giving Circle board outside the GBGH cafeteria
  • A charitable tax receipt
  • An incentive gift
“If we want others to believe in our cause, we first have to believe in it ourselves. If we want the community to support us, I think it is important to show we support the same cause. That is why I am a Team Giving member, I believe in the amazing patient care and work we do here at GBGH!”
– Derek Desroches, Communications Specialist, GBGH


Charitable giving happens all year long! Here are some ways to get involved:

Make a donation

Consider signing up for payroll deductions, or monthly giving by credit card. Small amounts on a regular basis have a big impact!  For example, $5 per pay = $130 each year. $10 per pay = $260 each year.  If every team member at GBGH pledged just $10/pay, we could contribute $260,000 annually!

Fill out the pledge form online and send it to, or by printing, signing and returning to the Foundation office (or drop off at GBGH reception). For Payroll deduction, please also send to (must come from your GBGH email address).

Take part in our annual campaign

Together, let’s make a difference at our hospital.  Join us for GBGH Team Giving Celebration Week, each year in February!

Request a team huddle

A member of the Foundation will explain to your team how they can make a difference in our Hospital through charitable giving. Simply contact Robyn Blanchet ( to reserve your information session!

“My dad received the most gentle and compassionate care at GBGH before his journey ended in 2016, by a particular nurse. By donating, it’s my way of saying ‘Thank You’ to her and to GBGH for having such an exceptional nurse, working here”.
– Amanda Bressette, Security Supervisor, GBGH

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I choose how my donation is designated?
You can choose to have your gift support the Impact Fund (area of greatest need), Equipment, or Education & Wellness at GBGH.

2. When I sign up for a bi-weekly or monthly pledge, how long will my deductions continue for?
Your deductions will continue until you provide notice to the Foundation that you would like to cancel your contributions.

3. How will I receive my charitable tax receipt?
For those giving through payroll deduction, your total annual contributions through the GBGH Team Giving Circle program will be automatically reflected on your T4 slip issued by GBGH at the end of the year.

For those giving through credit card, cash or cheque will receive a mailed (or emailed) tax receipt in January /  February of each year.

4. How much does the GBGH Team Giving Circle contribute to the hospital each year?
Last year, more than 100 members contributed a total of $30,000 which will be invested to purchase equipment, fund education and promote wellness initiatives.

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