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Thankful for amazing care!

A young girl with 2 blond pony tails in a yellow dress and jean jacket and a women with blond hair wearing a jean jacket.

When Katie Johns brought her 3-year old daughter, Charley to GBGH in August, she was in critical respiratory distress. 

“When we arrived at the ED, we were immediately taken into the first room behind the triage desks. It was all quite a blur for me as a Mom in crisis,” says Katie. “However, I have to say how amazing the care was that we received during our time there. The incredible group of nurses, and Dr. Gaffney, made an incredibly scary time a little more bearable both for my daughter and myself. I instantly felt like the weight of her care during this critical time had been lifted off of my shoulders by this incredible group of caregivers.

The team at GBGH stabilized Charley, so that she could safely be transferred to a pediatric care unit at OSMH, and then eventually also to SickKids. But, it was the calm, compassionate care of the team at GBGH that provided great medical interventions and emotional support that truly stood out for Katie.

I am so thankful for the team at GBGH,” shares Katie. “Dr. Gaffney mentioned that he has kids too, and from one parent to another, thank you for recognizing my panic and helplessness, and meeting it with swift action, excellent care and reassurance that my daughter was going to be ok.”


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