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Tiny Township invests in local health care

During a meeting on April 3, 2024, Tiny Township Mayor David Evans and members of council presented a gift of $32,000 to representatives of Georgian Bay General Hospital (GBGH) and the Foundation. The investment includes $20,000 for the GBGH Foundation’s Impact Fund, and $12,000 to support physician recruitment efforts for the community.

The Township of Tiny has recognized the vital role that quality healthcare plays in the well-being of our residents and has continuously demonstrated its commitment to fostering a strong and resilient healthcare system. A steadfast supporter of GBGH for 24 years, the township has provided more than $375,000 for hospital equipment and technology. In 2024, the donation will help to address some of the most urgent priorities, including an MRI machine, modern hospital beds, new surgical technology and laboratory equipment.

“We are deeply grateful to the Township of Tiny for their unwavering support and this impactful $20,000 donation,” expresses Nicole Kraftscik, CEO, GBGH Foundation. “This investment ensures that the hospital is equipped with the tools and technology to directly enhance patient care. And, it helps our community remain vibrant and resilient, attracting businesses and families who seek a robust healthcare infrastructure.”

Access to modern medical equipment can make a world of difference for patients and their families. New surgical technology will expand the types of surgeries available for residents close to home. Modern hospital beds are essential for patient comfort and can lead to improved outcomes. Installing an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) machine will reduce wait times for thousands of patients across the region.

The $12,000 donation will support the recruitment of highly skilled professionals to our community. “We understand the importance of being proactive in our recruitment efforts for the betterment of our hospital and community,” states Dr. Jeff Golisky, Physician Recruitment Chair, GBGH. “With the generous support from the Township of Tiny, we will be better equipped to attract and retain talented family and hospital physicians, providing reliable care for patients today and into the future.”

Having first-rate medical equipment and growing our skilled healthcare workforce is critical for a strong community. Anyone interested in learning more about the Foundation’s Impact Fund, and making a difference at GBGH with a gift, can visit For more information about physician recruitment efforts in North Simcoe, visit

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