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Your Impact - Winter 2024


When you invest in the Foundation’s Impact Fund, you are making a BIG difference for patients at GBGH. So far this year, we have been able to fund some significant upgrades and ensure our hospital is equipped to provide excellent care. 

Ambulatory Care
Cost: $34,000
Thanks to incredible support on Giving Tuesday, our Ambulatory Care team has a new power procedure table and new exam lights for the Lumps & Bumps clinic! The table ensures patients are comfortable during their procedures, and the lights provide clear, precise illumination, making every operation more accurate and efficient.

X-Ray Rooms
Cost: $1.15 Million
Our x-ray rooms have been upgraded and now include technology that provides better quality images, with much less radiation, in a more comfortable and refreshed environment. The new equipment is motorized and automated, so it adjusts easily to capture the best image of every size and shape of patient.

Pharmacy Fridge & Freezer
Cost: $25,000
Our Pharmacy Team now has proper storage for hundreds of medications. Injectable medications are now safely stored – frozen or chilled – ensuring their immediate availability for any patient in need, and proper storage to prevent waste.

Cost: $187,000
Having a third, modern ultrasound at GBGH is critical for providing the best imaging so that our radiologists can deliver clear and accurate results for 10,000 patients every year. This will improve wait times for this important imaging, ensuring fast access to excellent care for everyone in our community.

To learn more about the equipment needs at Georgian Bay General Hospital, please click here.

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