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A brave start at GBGH

a nurse in a colourful head scarf lifting a new born baby off a bed

“On September 11th, 2020 we arrived at GBGH with our midwife ready to welcome our baby girl into the world.

During birth, our daughter experienced shoulder dystocia and was delivered by our amazing midwife after being stuck for several minutes. She was not breathing on her own and within seconds our room was filled with GBGH staff from all over the hospital who worked quickly to help her.

They were able to get her breathing on her own and conducted necessary exams and x-rays without ever removing her from our view. Each member of staff that entered our room had a purpose and fulfilled their duties beyond expectation, all the while providing updates on what was happening.

a bearded man and blonde woman holding a baby in a yellow top and blue pants

During our stay at GBGH the amazing nurses monitored our baby closely and provided the absolute best care for her as well as myself and my husband. The staff made us feel comfortable during a very stressful time.

Thanks to the knowledge, expertise and quick thinking from our team at the Midland Midwives partnered with the staff at GBGH, our daughter is now 6-months old, healthy and thriving.

We are proud to call GBGH her birth place and will be forever grateful to the wonderful staff who assisted in her birth.”

~ Amber Whitman, with husband Zack and baby Lena.

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