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Alan & Alison Fryer

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The Comfort of a Good Community Hospital

Alan & Alison FryerAlan Fryer was introduced to the Georgian Bay area in 1956 when his parents had a family cottage built in the Sawlog Bay area. Eighteen years later, Alan and his wife Alison bought a property in the area and have enjoyed many years at their weekend retreat from a big city lifestyle. For the last few years it has been their permanent residence.

By way of background, for a number of years Alan had the honour and pleasure of being a member of the Board of Governors of a Toronto regional hospital. Through that experience, he garnered a deep understanding of how hard hospital staff at all levels work, as well as the importance of the Foundation in raising sufficient funds to cover the capital costs of purchasing, maintaining and upgrading all the equipment necessary to operate at maximum efficiency.

Over the years, the Fryer family have made use of the Emergency department at GBGH and appreciate how they have always received great care. Also, their current primary care provider maintains privileges at GBGH. “It’s a comfort that we have such a good hospital in the community,” Alison says.

In 2017, Alan & Alison made a generous gift to the GBGH Foundation, supporting annual equipment purchases and funding the renovation of a patient room through the Adopt-a Room project.

Alan acknowledges there are many factors that inspired their gift giving, including a personal, life-saving experience, but the Fryers also cite other factors – compassion, trust in the organization, altruism – to name a few.

As Alison adds, “it just makes us feel good.”

Thank you Alan & Alison for your commitment to exceptional care.

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