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Brenda & Rob's Story

Rob & Brenda have lived in our community their whole lives. In fact, Brenda has worked at Georgian Bay General Hospital (GBGH) for many years, and in 2023, her family experienced for themselves the kind, compassionate care that the GBGH Team delivers every day. 

Rob’s father, Robert (Bob) Duquette, was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer in March 2023. A few months later, in June, Bob’s health declined rapidly and he was taken to GBGH via ambulance. From there, his care was transferred to the palliative team, and he was admitted to the hospital. 

A few days later, on June 13, the family received a call that Bob was declining, and they gathered at his bedside. 

“You could tell by the way the staff treated my dad that they really, truly cared,” shares Rob. “They were very compassionate. The care that my dad received had a great impact on our lives.”

Even when caring for patients in their final days, the team at GBGH relies on technology to keep patients safe and comfortable. The delivery of medication, comfortable beds and chairs for family members, along with nurse call systems, are all essential parts of excellent care delivery in every stage of life. 

Thank you for investing in Georgian Bay General Hospital.

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