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John Blaicher

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Dear GBGH Team,

This past Monday morning (July 16) around 7:30 am, I embarked on an unplanned trip by ambulance, followed by a 5 day stay in your hospital. After spending several hours in Emerg, I eventually ended up spending the rest of my stay in room 241 – bed 4.

While I am certainly NOT in a hurry to repeat my experience and come visit you anytime soon, I was totally impressed and actually blown away by the high level of compassion, professionalism and genuine personal interest in my case and the medical care I received while at GBGH. From the Fire Dept. staff who responded to my wife’s 911 call, followed by the ambulance attendants who transported me to Emerg, to the Emergency team of nurses and doctors, the staff in X-ray and CT, and especially to all the staff that took such good care of me in room 241.

However, it wasn’t just me that everyone was taking good care of, it was all the patients in every room and every wing.

That is why I’m writing this letter and addressing it to the GBGH Team! Thanking only those I came in contact with would hardly seem fair because I saw dozens of nurses, nurses in training, doctors, cleaning staff, volunteers, technicians, admin personnel, food services staff, etc. who were all engaged in helping take excellent care of us – “the patients”.

So, the very least I could do is take a moment and simply say ‘THANKS!’ Thanks for the great care you provided me during my stay, but more so, thanks for the important day-in, day-out care you give to the thousands of patients that arrive at your doorstep throughout the year and over the decades.

While I was certainly happy to be discharged late Friday afternoon, I came away from my experience with a whole new appreciation for our health care system, GBGH and more importantly, the cast of individuals who dedicate themselves to keep it running 24/7. YOU ARE AWESOME!

If I hear anyone criticize our healthcare system now or in the future, please know that I have your back and they will get an ear full.

Thanks again and please keep doing what you are doing because we “the patients” need and appreciate you, even if you don’t hear it as often as you should!

John Blaicher

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