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Foundation News

A summer of support for GBGH

Three adults and Four children of various age present giant cheque to GBGH for $4,225 from WellSwept

After a busy summer, the Wells Family – from WellSwept Chimneys – presented the GBGH Foundation with a cheque for $4,225 as part of the Business Cares program.  From June to August, 2020, WellSwept Chimneys pledged 10% of their gross revenues to the hospital, plus a portion of referral sales as well, as their way of giving back to the community.

“Our commitment as a company is to give back 10% of our gross earnings annually to not-for-profit organizations and charities that make a huge local impact. We are partnering with the Georgian Bay General Hospital Foundation to help support exceptional care in our community. We truly appreciate the team at GBGH and have for years; they are our go to when the kids need a stitch, staple, or glue.”  ~ Cassandra Wells, WellSwept Chimneys

To learn more about WellSwept Chimneys, please visit

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