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Business Cares

Business Cares Supporting GBGH Foundation with a red suitcase with a white heart on it to the right of the words

We are partnering with community-minded organizations to support the hospital in whatever ways work best for your unique business!  You have the flexibility to build your brand while having a great impact on patient care at Georgian Bay General Hospital.

In addition to meeting your social responsibility goals, your company can engage with key stakeholders to drive sales, build customer loyalty and increase employee morale – all while giving your organization a competitive edge.

Your support is critical because equipment is NOT government funded – it is the responsibility of the community to ensure our hospital has the essential lifesaving equipment required for patient care, and GBGH currently has more than $7-million in unmet capital needs (equipment that needs to be replaced or upgraded).

When you partner with the Foundation, you provide critical funding for medical equipment and technology at Georgian Bay General Hospital.

We look forward to talking to you about your ideas! For more information, please contact:

Victoria Evans
Community Giving Officer
705-526-1300 ext. 5344

a woman handing a package of cut flowers to a customer
Business Cares Strategic Partner Badge

Strategic Partners

An investment of $25,000 over 5 years ($5,000/year), supporting the GBGH Foundation in its strategic mission to empower GBGH to deliver excellent healthcare.

Launching Soon!

Loyalty Partners

Business Care Loyalty Partner Logo

A promotion that runs ongoing throughout the year OR conducting a minimum of two promotions throughout the year.

Examples: Donating a percentage of sales on a particular service or product sold throughout the entire year, ongoing employee giving programs, or client appreciation donations.

Business Cares Impact Partner logo

Impact Partners

One promotion is conducted at any time of the year, in whatever way works best for your business.

Examples: Donating a percentage of daily, weekly or monthly sales, single product profit donations, or other point of sale initiatives.

Past Partners

Dark haired woman in a blue sweater sitting at a desk. The words Passion for Fashion are at the bottom
A selection on fresh sandwiches and salads, The Dinos Fresh Food logo is at the bottom
A tanned Grey haired man with a grey moustache and beard. Below is the Georgian Shores Logo
White mug that says RoayalTea on the front
Boathouse Eatery Logo
Our Heros Dec 14 - 20 2022 Sammouna Business Cares
a bowl of chicken wings with the Wild Wings logo on the bottom
A family of husband and wife with 5 small children pose in jeans and white tops in their front yard. The Well Swept Chimneys logo is below
A blue sided house wth white trimmed windows. Below is the Balm Beach House of Glass logo
A woman in a white t-shirt and ripper jeans with her arm on a blue tufted bar stool. Below is the Lindsay Schultz logo
A women in a grey t-shirt. The Corsica Homes logo is beneath
A man standing outside a restaurent that says Phil's Casula Dining. Two different Phil's logos with phone numbers are under the picture.
A woman with short dark hair and a man with salt and pepper hair wearing a white shirt. Below is the Dock Lunch logo
A blonde woman sitting in a car. The logo for The Happy Pineapple Boutique is below
Blond woman in a white dress and Man in a blue suit. The Faris Team is written below
11 headshorts of the team members of Collaborative Haus Marketing. The logo is at the top

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