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On April 22, 2024, Tay Township Mayor Ted Walker, Deputy Mayor Barry Norris and Councillor Paul Raymond presented the Georgian Bay General Hospital (GBGH) Foundation with a gift of $37,500. The investment includes $25,000 for the GBGH Foundation’s Impact Fund, and $12,500 to support physician recruitment efforts for the community. This brings the township’s total support to more than $493,700 over the past 25 years.

Tay Township continues to recognize and value the vital role that GBGH plays in the health and strength of our community. The donation to the Foundation’s Impact Fund will help to equip the hospital with the equipment and technology needed to deliver excellent care for thousands of patients across North Simcoe.

Nicole Kraftscik, CEO of the GBGH Foundation, conveyed her enthusiasm and gratitude, stating, “We are immensely grateful for the Township of Tay’s continued support. This generous donation will enable us to increase access to vital services, like MRI, for our community, and provide the incredible GBGH Team with the tools they rely on every day. We are inspired by the Township of Tay’s unwavering kindness and strong belief in investing in the health of our community.”

Having modern medical equipment in a community hospital is vital for patients and their families. This year, donations through the Impact Fund will help to replace beds to improve patient comfort and recovery; IV Pumps to ensure safe medication delivery; and an MRI to reduce wait times for thousands of patients across the region.

The $12,500 donation to physician recruitment will help to offer an outstanding experience for doctors who are considering setting up a practice in North Simcoe. “We recognize there are many factors when physicians are considering where to live, work and practice, so we aim to give them the best experience,” says Dr. Jeff Golisky, Physician Recruitment Chair, GBGH. “This investment from the Township of Tay is going to help us attract and retain talented family and hospital physicians.”

Having first-rate medical equipment and growing our skilled healthcare workforce is critical for a strong community. Anyone interested in learning more about the Foundation’s Impact Fund, and making a difference at GBGH with a gift, can visit For more information about physician recruitment efforts in North Simcoe, visit

Jane DeCola of Victoria Harbour is the latest winner in the GBGH 50/50 Lottery, taking home the April Jackpot prize of $10,830. She was driving and had to pull over when she got the call from Tara Dawn of 93.1 Fresh Radio.

Jane shared her personal connection to Georgian Bay General Hospital (GBGH), as her father has been a patient for an extended stay. The jackpot winnings will help support her dad as he is discharged from GBGH, and will buy a nice treat for Jane on her upcoming milestone birthday.

Tickets for the current May GBGH 50/50 can be purchased at

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