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A legacy of care

A grey haired man in a white shirt and black pants is speaking with a dark haired women in a black jacket in a hospital room corridor

As a donor, and hospital volunteer, James Layter has been helping to care for patients at Georgian Bay General Hospital for nearly twenty years. Prior to pandemic lockdowns, he spent three days each week helping patients on 1 North at GBGH get to their rehab, physiotherapy and diagnostic imaging appointments within the hospital. And as a donor, James has helped to put vital equipment into the hands of the skilled staff and credentialed staff at GBGH so that they can provide exceptional care.

James has now extended his legacy of caring for patients at GBGH by making a bequest to the GBGH Foundation is his will.

James first came to North Simcoe in the 1940’s, as his family had a cottage at Nottawaga Beach. He was gifted the cottage by his parents when they passed away, and has been a permanent resident in both Tiny Township and Midland ever since. He began to support GBGH through special events and local fundraisers, but when James became a volunteer at GBGH, he began to see the need for updated equipment. And, when he visited the hospital as a patient in 2018, he realized that more support was needed.

When I had a hernia a few years ago, some of the equipment they used to fix me up looked so old,” shares James. “I decided that when I got out of the hospital, I was going to give the Foundation more money so the hospital could keep more up to date with technology.

Today, James continues to support the Foundation annually as a member of the Cornerstone Partners program and is recognized for his generous support through the Foundation’s Best Care Leadership Circle.

Letting the Foundation know about my legacy intentions was easy,” says James. “They have a form that only takes a few minutes to fill out, and now I have the opportunity to learn more about how my legacy gift will ensure exceptional care continues for patients at Georgian Bay General Hospital for many years to come.

If you would like more information on leaving a legacy at GBGH, please click here.

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