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DOC Talk: Dr. Peter Kizoff

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As a physician at GBGH, and a monthly donor to the GBGH Foundation, Dr. Kizoff offers a unique perspective on healthcare philanthropy.

Please tell us 2-3 sentences about you as a physician!

I am a retired Family Physician.  My practice in Barrie began in 1989, and continued until my retirement in 2016.  Now, I enjoy part-time work as a hospitalist at Georgian Bay General Hospital, and I work with the Palliative Care Group at RVH with a focus on providing medical assistance in dying (MAiD) care to palliative patients across Simcoe County.

Why is giving to GBGH important to you?

My wife Cheryl and I moved to Tiny Township in 2010, and so GBGH is our local community health resource.  But, further to that, I’m impressed by the top tier healthcare provided at GBGH.  The whole team, from top to bottom, demonstrates a profound commitment to providing exceptional care, working within the restraints of tight budgets, and collaborating for the best outcomes.

How does financial support from the community help you in your role as a physician?

If I’m honest, I was late to come to the realization that the government only funds the operational costs of our hospitals.  The equipment that we rely on as healthcare providers is purchased through donations, and without that support, we wouldn’t have the tools we need.

Why did you decide to sign up for monthly giving?

For us, financial contributions are easier to handle when they are monthly.  Further to that, though, is that we want to make supporting our hospital a priority.  Monthly giving allows us to plan, so we aren’t wondering at the end of the year what we will have left to give.

Is there anything you would like to say to others who may be considering supporting our hospital with a monthly gift?

GBGH is a tremendous organization, providing excellent care for our community.  I’m impressed with the dedication of the whole team to do their best, and strive to do even better.
Monthly giving is a financial strategy; like paying taxes in installments.  It’s easy, and provides valuable support for our community hospital.

To learn more about Monthly Giving, please click here or contact Lisa Wanamaker, Donor Relations & Stewardship Officer ( or 705-526-1300 ext. 5342)

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