Your Stories

Your Stories

When Cindy asked, “will you take me to the hospital?” Paula knew there was something seriously wrong.

Cindy had been experiencing occasional chest pain for about five months, when it suddenly became unbearable on March 30, 2016. The pain stabbed through her chest and between her shoulder blades, sending her into the fetal position. She knew she needed to get to the hospital.

Within 30 minutes of arriving at Georgian Bay General Hospital, Cindy had been triaged and Internal Specialist Dr. Fahy had been called in. Knowing there was a problem with Cindy’s heart, Dr. Fahy ensured all the proper tests were done so that Cindy could be quickly admitted and treated at our region’s cardiac centre at Southlake Regional Health Centre in Newmarket.

11 days, and a quadruple bypass later, Cindy and Paula returned home. The couple credits the incredible staff at Georgian Bay General Hospital for saving her life.

“They {GBGH Emergency Department} were fast, efficient and effective,” says Cindy.

Paula has donated to Georgian Bay General Hospital since moving to Midland in 2013. “I am happy to do my bit to help our hospital whenever I can. We need it and it needs us.”

Georgian Bay Boater, Donor and GBGH Patient

“I’m so grateful to the staff at Georgian Bay General Hospital.  I might not be here today if it weren’t for their quick action.”      – Judy Kaufman

Not everyone who comes to Georgian Bay General Hospital (GBGH) has a permanent home in our community. Each year, seasonal residents, boaters and visitors to our region account for more than 4,500 visits to our Emergency Department.

Judy Kaufman is a longtime Georgian Bay boater, who considers Midland her home away from home. In 2014, following surgery in her home community, Judy and her husband were relaxing on their boat when she began to feel she was choking. Not the coughing kind, but she suddenly found that she couldn’t swallow and was having trouble breathing. Thankfully, they were docked at the marina, and were able to get quickly to the Emergency Department at GBGH.

Judy was quickly diagnosed and rushed into emergency surgery. A nurse ran to the parking lot to call the Anesthesiologist back to the Operating Room. Surgery was done to clear the blockage and repair the damage caused by the aforementioned surgery. Within a few hours, Judy was back on the boat and on the road to recovery.

“I’m so grateful to the staff at Georgian Bay General Hospital,” says Judy. “I might not be here today if it weren’t for their quick action.”